2016 Trekking Schedule is ready!!

2016 Multi Day Trek Schedule


Parelli Jungle River Trek
January 15-24, 2016
includes two day workshop with 4* Teri Sprague
$2,300 USD Sign up now!

Jungle River Trek (without Parelli workshop)
January 17-24, 2016
$2,000 USD Sign up Now!

Parelli Jungle River Trek 
February 7-16,2016
includes 2 day workshop with 4* Nita Jo Rush
$2,300 USD Sign Up Now!

Jungle River Trek (without Parelli workshop)
February 9-16,2016
$2,000 USD

Yoga and Horsemanship Rain Forest  Trek
February 25 – March 5, 2016
including 2 day workshop with Christina Savitsky and Christell Thomas
$2,350 Sign Up Now!

Parelli Trek to be announced
April 16-25, 2016

*Parelli workshops are not mandatory to attend a trek.

Prices include airport pickup, all lodging, all meals (except for one or two depending on which trek) during the workshop and while on the trek, and of course horses, tack and bilingual guides.


About Barking Horse Farm

Horseback ride in Costa Rica on healthy, happy, Parelli trained horses. Day rides and multi-day treks from the mountains to the beach and Parelli workshops throughout the year.
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