We have suspended our volunteer program for the coming season BUT we are whole heartedly recommending the volunteer program at Establo San Rafael. Please scroll down to learn about their program and visit their website at www.establosanrafael.com
and/or email Brenda at


We have three distinct volunteer positons as listed below.


Our Internships

This is a great opportunity to work hands-on with all eleven of our horses on a daily basis while learning Natural Horsemanship. More than a work-trade arrangement, our horse internship program focuses on teaching you to handle the horses using body language, love, and leadership and allows you to put those skills into action. Because each of our horses has a very different personality, or “horseanality ”, you will gain experience by putting your new found skills to work in a variety of contexts. Our work and learn to program is also very good for our horses because of the close personal attention you will be providing them.

We are the only horse internship in Costa Rica that offers lessons in dressage/finesse riding and also lessons in jumping with natural horsemanship theory.
The chance to develop personal relationships with each of the horses using natural horsemanship makes this more than either a work-trade or a vacation, it is a valuable experience of a lifetime. There is a one month minimum for this program. The price is $36 a day that comes out to about around $1000 for the month.
The program includes:
Private room
3 meals per day which can be catered to special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)
Instruction in natural horsemanship based games, riding, jumping, and dressage depending on your interests and
Trail riding
All day access to our horses as they live on the farm
Access to a large Parelli natural horsemanship video library

Our volunteer position consists of taking care of our clients and work studies. You will be caring for the grounds of the farm (working in the garden, watering, raking) and taking care of the farm animals (goats, chickens, geese, rabbits). In the house you will be cooking.  We also like to utilize any special skills you may have such as artistic abilities. There is tolerable Internet access here on the farm. As far as the work there is not a lot of contact with the horses with this position.  I do encourage my students to give volunteers lessons to reinforce what they have learned therefore you will practice Horsemanship when the opportunity presents itself.  We also try to get you out on a trail ride during your time here.  Your work hours will vary from 3 to 5 hours a day depending on what is going on and your interest.
You will also have access to our video library. This volunteer position is a good learning environment for more understanding of natural horsemanship.
There is a two week minimum for this position. Right now I am only taking two volunteers at a time. There is a charge of $100 a week for this position.

Free volunteering position
My free volunteer position, without any charge, is for an experienced horse person, trail guide, and assistant riding instructor.
You will need a decent understanding of natural horsemanship seven games to help teach natural horsemanship games to my beginners. You will be helping to guide my interns with their program and learning experience.  This is a three-month minimum commitment.
Please send experience bio and photos of you with horses.