The “Dream Catcher Tree House”:

A 30 foot diameter octagonal structure built from tropical hardwoods and positioned high in the tree tops.  It is equipped with a full kitchen, 1 1/2 baths and a master bedroom. $175 per night, $1000 weekly (meals not included)

  • Family style meals can be provided for you in the tree house for $10 per person.
  • A cook is available to prepare meals for you in the Tree House” using your own groceries for $20 per group meal.
  • Airport transportation can be arranged for: $80 (aproximately  1 hour/15 min)

Horseback Riding: 

Ranges between $55 and $130 per ride depending on the length of the ride. Please visit our day rides page for details on pricing.  (9 rides to choose from) 


Rainforest Trek  (7 nights) $2,500 USD per person (2 person minimum)

Jungle River Trek (5 nights) $2,000 USD per person  (2 person minimum)

Sabanero Trek (7 nights) $2,500 USD per person (4 person minimum)

Each trek  includes airport pick up, all meals and lodging (except for one or two dinners at the beach), horses, tack and bilingual guides. 

Local Tours

Several interesting and fun area tours are available. Please visit our lodging page for details. Prices vary and can be arranged separately.


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