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We are the original Parelli Natural Horsemanship trekking company in Costa Rica, offering multi-day treks since 2005 and hosting Parelli Professionals since 2008.

Choose from three unique treks to the beach!


Sabanero Nicoya Trek                 Rainforest Trek          Jungle River Trek


Liz was one of the first to bring Parelli to Costa Rica.  The word is spreading because of her.  If you are looking for a trail adventure in paradise – take the 8 day ride from the mountains all the way down to the beach.” 5* Parelli instructor David Lichman

Our progressive, multi-day horseback riding treks bring you into the heart of rural Costa Rican culture where you will experience the life of the Ticos up close and in a way that most tourists never get to see.

“If you love horses, adventure, learning, and being more than a tourist–this is a trip for you.” Patricia L. visited March 2013

On our treks, you travel day by day on horseback for a week. We have three different treks to choose from. On the Rainforest Trek you visit working farms, National Parks and a Canopy Zip Line. On the Jungle River Trek, you experience true wilderness areas as you follow the Rio Tulin from its headwaters to the ocean. You are sure to see monkeys on the Sabanero Nicoya Trek With all  three of these treks,  each day is different from the last as you travel through a variety of ecosystems, from the mountains down to the beach.

“This is the best vacation a Parelli person could have. Wish we could have stayed, I was sad to say goodbye to my new partner. It was amazing how attached you became to your horse in such a short time. Having all the like (Parelli) minded people around you during the entire experience was so amazing and really made the whole trek fantastic. I will always remember this as the greatest vacation ever!!!”John and Jody Bain, visited June 2012

There is a rich cultural exchange that occurs with the Costa Rican people who you  meet along the way which gives you the chance to experience another way of life. The people you meet invite you into their homes and into their lives. Bilingual guides help to facilitate this special cultural exchange. People in rural Costa Rica live a simple life, farming and raising cattle. They live a slower pace and family life is the center of it all. Our visit helps them maintain their lifestyle and support their families.

Our friendly, trusting, strong, athletic and happy horses will fill your week-long adventure with wonderful moments. Sharing the adventure with like-minded horsemen and women who share your interest in Natural Horsemanship and understand the intelligence of horses and how to relate to them adds to the beauty of the experience. On the trek, you will be riding out on trails and handling your horse in a variety of situations. Your horsemanship skills will grow as you leave the artificial environment of the arena and head into the real world with the support of your fellow trekkers and/or your guides.

Along the way to the beach we stop for some hiking in the rainforest, a swim in a waterfall,  a visit to a chocolate farm, and a chance to experience a zip-line canopy tour, and have lots of fun.

“Liz Hawkins delivers a unique, up close and personal trek through Costa Rica experienced on solid, well cared for trail horses. Nice long days in the saddle take you to remote areas of Costa Rica where you are introduced to, and immersed in, the local culture. Riding takes you through mountains, rainforests, towns, farms, all the way to the beach. It is a rugged excursion, not for the faint of heart, but for those with riding skills and a sense of adventure it is the trip of a lifetime. You are not just viewing Costa Rican scenery from a distance, you are in the scenery. Liz provides quality accommodations along the trek, added attractions, and the food is fantastic! Liz and company’s kind and genuine nature puts anyone at ease and their sincerity in sharing this experience with others is the real deal.”

Donna H, visited February 2012

Join us for what trekkers have called

“A life changing experience” and “The trip of a lifetime”

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