Day Rides

DSCF6993To schedule a day ride please call:
For Spanish (011) 506-8886-2274 or For English (011) 506-2416-1393 

Barking Horse Farm is now collaborating with Establo San Rafael to offer you the best horseback riding found anywhere in Costa Rica.

  • We offer a variety of trail riding for all riding levels.
  • Our horses are trained with Natural Horsemanship to be responsive and safe.
  • The utmost care is taken to insure our horses’ health with regular immunizations, nutritional assessments and supplemental feedings, teeth care, hoof care, and biannual Equine Anemia testing.
  • We are concerned about our horses’ emotional and psychological health as well as their physical well being. We provide them with a variety of varied activities and a natural herd lifestyle. 
  • We carefully match you to a horse that will be perfect for your riding level.
  • We offer child care if you are traveling with children and would like to ride out on some of the more difficult trails.
  • And for those in your party who do not ride there are two beautiful waterfalls and swimming areas within walking distance of the farm. 
  • We are sure that you will be happy with our horses and your riding experience when choosing our tours.


  • Follow trails  through tropical forests filled with birds and wildlife.
  • Climb to breathtaking vistas with 360 degree views.
  • Discover hidden waterfalls deep in the jungle.
  • Ride to small towns and stop for a delicious lunch in a local cafe.
  • Ride your horse across rivers and over bridges.
  • Gallop along ridges with sweeping views.
  • Stop for a picnic and go for a refreshing swim at a mountain stream.
  • Arrive on horseback to local cultural events such as town “fiestas.”
  • Ride through private farms and along abandoned ox cart trails.

Day Rides

 lush green mountainsFloralia Loop, 1 hour:
This loop is great for everyone, especially those who don’t want to spend too many hours in the saddle. Get a taste of horseback riding while taking in the beautiful views of the mountains, pass through a little town and even a section of forest. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you want.
Cost: $55




Bella Vista Loop, 2 hours:
Ride through quiet farm land with beautiful views of the mountains. See how sugar cane and bananas grow as we pass local farms. Ride through the little town of Bella Vista. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you want.
Cost: $65



Three Rivers Loop, 3 hours:
Ride up to a beautiful ridge with 360 degree views of the mountains then descend into a lush tropical valley. Along the way cross three rivers.  This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you want.
Cost: $75




Alvin’s Farm, 3 hours:
Ride through a 65 hectar private farm, beautiful views, tall trees line a spring and stream, ride past herd of cattle. This is a beautiful, peaceful ride through a well cared for farm.
Cost: $75




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACircle the Valley Loop, 4 hours:
Circle the rim of the valley that Barking Horse Farm calls home. Climb to the ridge and pass through small towns and village, fields and forests. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you want.



puente de hierro


Puente de Hierro, 6 hours (including 1.5 hour lunch stop) :
ide out between small farms with spectacular views of the mountains and then descend into a deep lush tropical valley to the swim in the cool waters of the Rio Negro. Lots of climbing and descending, and an exciting descent into the valley near the river. Lunch included.

Cost: $95




DSCF7934Tabarcia Town, 6 hours (including 1.5 hour lunch stop):
Climb to a ridge with a 360 degree view, descend into the valley and cross rivers to have lunch at a local restaurant in a quaint village. Pass by local farms, homes and patches of rainforest. Cover a considerable distance with lots of trotting and cantering and even cross a suspension bridge. Lunch included.
Cost: $95




Overlook Loop, 6 hours (including 1 hour lunch stop):
Ride through private farmland and climb to a stunning overlook with vast views of the Tabarcia Valley over lunch. This ride offers a chance to trot and canter if you like.

Cost: $85



DSCF8699Bajo Badia River, 8 hours (including 2 hour lunch stop):

Join us for a full day adventure. Ride through cane fields, pass by overlooks, little towns and finally arrive at Puente Bajo Badilla. Here you can swim with the horses in the river or brave tall rock ledges to jump into the swimming hole below. Lots of trotting and cantering. Lunch included.
Cost: $130

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