Combined with the Jungle River Trek, February 7th – 16th, 2016

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“It was an amazingly wonderful experience! Liz and her staff were so open and generous with their hospitality, the students were game for just about anything, and being out on a trek again for the first time in years was truly fun, rich, and gratifying. My trail riding savvy, from working as a wrangler and from riding with Pat Parelli in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, returned instantly. Riding the trail, whether through a town or over rugged terrain, felt as natural and comfortable–and relaxing–as if I’d been doing it with Liz for years!”  Nita Jo Rush

Horses had captured Nita Jo’s heart by the time she was three years old. She spent her childhood riding and playing (riding like a “banshee” with her best friend) in Boulder, Colorado. She temporarily left horses behind when she went away to college, but combined her love for them and for the mountains during several summers when she worked at Sanborn Western Camps, west of Pikes Peak, as the Head Wrangler. That experience of leading groups of kids on horseback into the mountains on 4 and 5-day camping and riding trips (treks, even then!) proved invaluable. It was also tons of fun!

Later, Parelli captured her heart after she had returned to horses and after spending a few years competing in NRHA reining in Minnesota. The combination of horses and a natural, empowering way to develop partnership with them proved intoxicating! Nita Jo entered the Parelli instructors’ program in 1997, left her “real” job as a psychologist in 2000, and hasn’t looked back since. She is currently a 4* Senior Instructor and a Horse Development Specialist with Parelli and travels all over the world as well as teaching at her own place in Minnesota. She also spends several weeks each year studying either with Pat or Linda Parelli and has learned directly from Pat many of his trail riding tips.

Nita Jo will be teaching a two day workshop combined with the

Jungle River Trek,

February 7-16, 2016

About Barking Horse Farm

Horseback ride in Costa Rica on healthy, happy, Parelli trained horses. Day rides and multi-day treks from the mountains to the beach and Parelli workshops throughout the year.
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