Natural Building Workshop in Costa Rica, November 19 – December 7, 2015

Natural Building Workshop November 19 – December 7, 2015

cob constuction

November 19 – December 3: Natural Building 

  • Mix and build with Cob
  • Build a variety of different wall systems
  • Create relief sculpture with earth
  • Create and apply earthen plasters
  • Find and mix natural coloring and paints

Mail-Attachment-6December 4 – 7, 2015: Lime Plasters and the Ancient Art of Tadelact Finishes.

Tadelakt is a plaster finishing technique historically used in north Africa to protect earthen structures.  It is specifically valued for its function of providing a water proof seal. It involves using a particularly high lime-to-aggregate ratio which is applied in multiple thin coats to a substrate, such as an earthen wall surface. It is then polished with a trowel and burnished with precious stones. Finally, it is rubbed down with soap; traditionally black olive oil soap. Its primary use was emphasized in areas that often get wet. This is an exciting tool for all natural builders.

ryan-5Study with Ryan Chivers

Ryan is a North American artisan who is passionate about lime and the ancient techinique of  Tadelakt. Ryan spends time researching, formulating, testing, and re-learning the old ways using materials that are abundant almost everywhere on earth. He has travelled to Morocco to expand his knowledge of tadelakt, and is well connected and respected in the natural building and traditional plastering fields. We are happy to have Ryan as our guest for 4 days while he teaches his art.

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Join us at Barking Horse Farm where we live in comunity, eat healthy local produce prepared with love in the farm kitchen, swim in nearby waterfalls and rivers, and discover the joys of building with the elements of our mother earth.

$200 per week for the two week Natural Building workshop and $150 for the 4 day Lime Plaster workshop, covers all instruction, all your meals and lodging PLUS (for those who are interested) some horseback riding on the beautiful trails surrounding the farm.

Contact us
for more information and to reserve you space.

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