Parelli Natural Horsemanship Workshops, December 2013 – April 2014

If you are looking for a place to practice the Parelli you love on a great adventure in paradise then you will want to check out the workshops and treks we are offering this coming season, December 2013 – April 2014. We have a great line up of experienced Parelli instructors. All of them have been here before and are returning again because they had such a good time with their students on the previous treks.

Susan Nelson and Maurice Thibault (Dec) will be returning for another learning filled workshop taught by two instructors at once! It is always great to see how this Parelli couple work together to provide the most for their students. And think of all the support you will be getting from two Parelli professionals along the way on the Nicoya Eco Beach Trek.

David Lichman’s workshops are filled with fun and music. This will be David Lichman’s 6th time back,(Jan) this time his workshop will be followed by the Nicoya Eco Beach Trek.

This will be Fawn Anderson’s second time back to Costa Rica (Jan)! One of Canada’s top Parelli instuctors, she is coming to share here skills with her students on the Nicoya Eco Beach Trek.

Nita Jo Rush will be returning for a third time and the fourth trek she has ridden with us (Feb). This time she will be riding her favorite trek, the Jungle River.

Teri Sprague will be joining us again (March) to experience the adventure of the Jungle River Trek, having ridden the Rainforest Trek with her students last year.

We are currently taking reservations for these treks. The Jungle River Trek has a rider limit of 6 and the Nicoya Trek is 8 so we highly recommend that sign up early! We hope to ride with you this year in Paradise!

About Barking Horse Farm

Horseback ride in Costa Rica on healthy, happy, Parelli trained horses. Day rides and multi-day treks from the mountains to the beach and Parelli workshops throughout the year.
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