Scenes From Our 2012-2013 Trekking Season!

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We couldn’t have asked for better trekkers this past season!  We’d like to thank the instructors who were able to make it out and bring their students to not only experience Parelli in a new environment with new horses, but to be a part of the Barking Horse Family we have developed here throughout Costa Rica thanks to these treks.  To the riders this season, it was a blast to have you along, and we hope you remember all the events that occurred…we know we will…maybe some more than others!  And last but not least, to our hardworking horses who have been nothing but strong and amazing season after season!

We hope you enjoy this compilation of photos from this season’s treks!

About Barking Horse Farm

Horseback ride in Costa Rica on healthy, happy, Parelli trained horses. Day rides and multi-day treks from the mountains to the beach and Parelli workshops throughout the year.
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