The Cabalgata for Mari Cruz Belen

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One of the nicest horse events that happen in Costa Rica is the Cabalgata. This is a fund raising event on horseback. Horse owners are invited on a trail ride through private farms,they are given a meal, and they have a chance to win horse equipment at a raffle. These are organized by communities to raise money for a school, or a community center among other things. This particular event was held to raise money for Mari Cruz Belen. Mari Cruz is a Special Olympics Cyclist from our town of Puriscal who has been chosen to go to Greece to compete in the Special Olympics Competition.

The horses (and riders) from Establo San Rafael and Barking Horse Farm were invited to attend so Brenda, Liz, Olivia and our two horse interns Erin and Kristin decided to go and show our support for Mari Cruz. We headed out from the farm and climbed up to the ridge on the back roads. When we got there we noticed the rain clouds forming in the distance and sure enough, just as the horses were setting out on the cabalgata the skies opened up in a deluge of tropical rain. It rained through the whole ride! We couldn’t take a single picture to show what a picturesque route the cabalgata followed. Of course, as we arrived back at the festivities the rain stopped. We all enjoyed the local food provided for the participants and we won prizes in the raffle!! We all rode home happy and, thanks to our colorful rain ponchos, not too wet.

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