Yoga and Natural Horsemanship

9 Day Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Trek to the Beach

Barking Horse Farm is happy to be hosting this special Rain Forest Trek with Certified Yoga Instructor Ariel Marcoux

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  • Experience the magic that combining Yoga with Horsemanship can bring.
  • Ariel is a yoga instructor with over 15 years of experience.  She will guide you as you rejoice in the beautiful, tropical environment of the Costa Rican countryside.
  • Enjoy partnering with the Barking Horse Farm horses who are loved and cared for like family members and trained with the gentle techniques of Natural Horsemanship.
  • Discover amazing trails to rivers and waterfalls.
  • Ride along ridges with 360 degree views of the rugged mountains and deep valleys.
  • Ride right through small rural villages and enjoy lunch in a local cafe.
  • Visit local rural farms and experience a way of life long since lost in our own fast paced lifestyles.
  • Bring your horsemanship skills to a new level.
  • Return home with renewed energy and self awareness.
  • And new friends and great memories too!!

Come explore the rainforests of Costa Rica, the BEST way possible….by horseback!! With yoga instruction with Ariel Marcoux and natural horsemanship instruction from Elizabeth Hawkins and all taking place with the horses at Barking Horse Farm, this is a retreat you are sure to remember!

Included is our accommodations, meals, happy, healthy, horses to ride, transportation from the airport, daily yoga and natural horsemanship instruction.  We will tour the countryside of Costa Rica getting a true feel for the people & culture that this beautiful country offers.  We will see many sights, swim with our horses in the rivers and the ocean, ride steep hills, visit a chocolate farm, and end up on the most beautiful white sand beach you have ever seen!

Yoga Class descriptions:

Pre Ride Morning Yoga:

Hatha Flow: Pranayama, asana, mindful core work, alignment of inversions with longer holds of poses. Classes will focus on exploring the relationship between our bodies, our breath and our posture in connection with our horses. Learn how to connect deeply and sweetly.

Post Ride Afternoon Flow and Cool:

Ashtanga Vinyasa: heat up and stretch out with a solar practice after a long day of riding to help balance and build muscles in the right places. Arm balances, inversions, creative vinyasa sequences and lots of core work

Easy Rider Yin:

Tap into a more lunar energy after a long day of heat and riding. Yin inspired sequence of  deep stretches and long holds of Asanas custom tailored to balance your body and mind so you can get up and go again pain free and feeling totally relaxed.

Day 1:

We all meet at the San Jose airport and hop in a van together to head up to Barking Horse Farm where we will meet our horses for the week.


Each morning we will start with some morning yoga to help us greet the sun!  Have an amazing  breakfast with the most fresh tropical fruit!  Each day we will ride closer to the ocean staying at different ranches with different families each night.


Day 1 Yoga – pre dinner/post travel introductory
5 PM mixed level vinyasa flow class with deep stretch

Day 2: You will be matched to your horse and Elizabeth will teach you how to use natural horsemanship to build a strong bond with your horse. They may also be time for a short hike through the jungle to a beautiful waterfall for a dip in tbe cool mountain waters.

Day 2 Yoga – 7 AM Hatha Flow
              5 PM ashtanga vinyasa
              6 PM yin/deep stretch restore

Day 3:

P1010990We ride off from Barking Horse Farm enjoying the beautiful mountain views.  We will have lunch in small village of Perdenal with a local family. Continuing on after lunch to the village of Polka, where we will spend the night with a rural farming family. You will have the opportunity to experience true Costa Rican hospitality. Our bi-lingual guides will be present to facilitate a rich cultural exchange.




Day 3 Yoga: AM PRE RIDE Hatha Flow
              POST RIDE- flow and cool

Day 4:waterfall
After early morning yoga we ride out heading towards the rainforest of Mastatal. The terrain is rugged, ascending and descending through the steep mountains, crossing rivers and passing cascades and small waterfalls along the way. We will have the opportunity to stop and swim in the clear fresh waters of the larger rivers. We have lunch with Doña Teresa and Doña Ana, Huetar indigenous women who live at the top of the mountain. They will invite you into their humble home and treat you to a simple lunch cooked on their wood stove.


trotAfter a long day of riding, we arrive at the Ecologically Sustainable farm of Villas Mastatal, owned and operated by Javier and Raquel, a young Costa Rican couple. They host volunteers from around the world interested in learning about sustainability.  We will be lodged in the rustic setting of the bunkhouse overlooking the pasture where the horses will be spending the next two nights. Villas Mastatal has a spacious yoga studio made from hardwoods grown on their farm. It overlooks the most beautiful green valley where Scarlet Macaws fly freely.

Day 4 Yoga: AM PRE RIDE Hatha Flow
              POST RIDE- flow and cool


Day 5 :
A day of rest for the horses and a day of fun for us. Here in the last virgin rainforest of Puriscal County we can discover the beauty of the La Cangreja National Park. Take a guided hike through 500 acres of unspoiled jungle, along the well-groomed trails, past towering trees, lush jungle and rushing rivers. Swim under a lovely waterfall deep in the rainforest. After lunch we will visit Iguana Chocolate, a family run chocolate farm. Take part in the making of chocolate from harvesting the cocoa pods to making your own truffle. Don’t forget to take some samples along to nibble on during the ride!

Day 5 yoga intensive . Vinyasa classes and deep stretch classes

Day 6:deb
Enjoy a day of riding through rolling hills, along trails, across a river,  and through private farms. We arrive at the working farm of Jose Herrero. Relax in a hammock under the shade of his traditional “Rancho” while you watch the horses frolic in the adjacent green pasture.




skymountainDay 7:
In the morning visit  Sky Mountainone of the most thrilling Canopy Tours in Costa Rica. Experience the pure adrenaline of their zip lines. ($75 per person,  transportation and park entrance) 


Or choose a deep extended yoga practice in tbe cool shade of the thatched roof rancho.

  In the afternoon we will arrive at the beach. But first we must travel through  the coastal plain on trails through private farms and under the shade of palm tree and banana plantations. We will be spending the night at Pozza del Pacifico at Playa Bandera.  Relax in the plantation style guest home with the biggest swimming pool and water slide in the region.

Day 7 Yoga: AM PRE RIDE Hatha Flow
              POST RIDE- flow and cool

Day 8:waves
There is nothing more enjoyable than riding on the open beach with your horse.
The beach we will ride on is virtually untouched. It has maintained it’s natural environment  and we often see flocks of scarlet macaws in the trees that line the shore. Riding at low tide the beach is wide and long with lots of room to move if you want to trot and canter.


For lunch we stop at a oceanfront home for a fresh fish lunch and coconut milk. This is a great spot to swim with your horse in the warm waters of the Costa Rican Pacific Ocean. Our horses love the water and will often roll and play in the surf like children.

beachAfter lunch you have the option of loading your saddles into the truck and continuing the last hour down the beach bareback to arrive at the tranquil boutique hotel Delfin . Here you can relax and enjoy the hammocks, cool breeze & white sand, well deserved after your adventure through the mountains of Costa Rica.  Hotel Delfin has a full service bar & restaurant. (dinner this evening is not included in the trek price). 


Day 8 Yoga: sun salutations and power flow on the beach!
Then swim and play with the horses in the ocean

Day 9:

barking horse
The horses go home in the morning but you are welcome to book additional nights at the Hotel Delfin, continue your Costa Rican adventure visiting other areas of interest, or take a shuttle to SJO international airport which is about 2 hours away.



Yoga and Horsemanship Rain Forest Trek
Cost:  $2800 USD

The price includes airport pickup, all meals and lodging while on the trek (except for the last dinner at the beach) horses, tack and bilingual guides. Yoga and Horsemanship trek includes daily yoga.

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