10 Day Parelli Workshop and Trek to the Beach

Join 4* Nita Jo Rush

January 13-22, 2017

for a 2 day Parelli workshop followed by a an 8 day trek through Costa Rica.

(includes two travel days)

Travel on horseback from the mountains to the beach, through a variety of different ecosystems, each day’s riding different from the previous.

Begin the adventure with two days of workshop desigined to help you bond and connect with you horse. Then test your skills as you take your Parelli skills out of the arena and into the real world with the continued support of your instructor. The trails are varied from steep and technical to lowland hills to flat planes and river bottoms. All gaits will be ridden.

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  • Follow trails  through tropical forests filled with birds and wildlife.
  • Climb to breathtaking vistas with 360 degree views.
  • Discover hidden waterfalls deep in the jungle.
  • Ride through small towns and stop for a delicious lunch in a local cafe.
  • Ride your horse across rivers and over bridges.
  • Gallop along ridges with sweeping views.
  • Picnic and swim at a mountain stream.
  • Ride through private farms and along abandoned ox cart trails.
  • Take your horse for a swim in a mountain stream.
  • Galllop along wide deserted beaches.
  • Swim and play with your horse in the ocean.
  • Ride bare back on the beach.

Experience the lives of rural Costa Ricans and enjoy their genuine hospitality along the trek route then relax in the comfort of boutique beach front hotels on the last two nights.

Choose between:

Rainforest Trek                          Jungle River Trek.

$3,000 per person

 includes airport pick up, two days of Parelli workshop, all meals and lodging, (except for 2 dinners on the last two nights at the beach) horses, tack and bilingual guides.

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