Volunteers taking a photo op after a day of workshops!                January 2013

Volunteers taking a photo op after a day of riding! 

We Are Currently Taking Volunteer Applications for November !

Barking Horse Farm is currently looking for two volunteers to help get the horses ready for the the 2018 trekking season. We will be training and riding the horses every day in November so if you have any natural horsemanship experience and you want to spend the month of November riding this could be perfect for you. There is also the possibility of riding a trek at very discounted rate if space is available.

Volunteers are an integral part of Barking Horse Farm.  The focus of our volunteer program is not only what you can do for us, but what we can do for you too.   Here at our farm, we strive to make the volunteer program a lasting experience, full of learning and fun.  Many volunteers maintain friendships long after their stay with us.  Some even fall in love!

If you are passionate about horses, natural horsemanship and living and learning with others, then we would love to have you join our team.

What we have to offer:

  • Access to several levels of the Parelli program DVD’s to watch and learn from.
  • Access to our library on Natural Horsemanship and other horse related subjects.
  • Accompany us on one of our treks at a discounted rate as availability allows.
  • Ride out on the myriad of trails through the mountains that surround the farm.
  • Go on cultural expeditions to local farms and horse training facilities.
  • Have practice time where you can try your new skills training the horses.
  • Assist in routine veterinary care of the horses.
  • Learn how to weigh and condition score the horses.
  • Learn horse hoof care and the basics of barefoot trimming.

The training is focused on developing a relationship of trust and respect using the concepts of “Love, Language and Leadership” to create safe and reliable horses.

Volunteer Expectations:

  •  Feeding, grooming and exercising the horses by ground work and riding.
  • Train horses for trek season: their training includes  taking  them on trail rides through the mountains as well as ground work.
  • Act as a trail guide for day ride clients.
  • Move and herd horses from pastures.
  • Load and unload horses from trailers/trucks.
  • Perform routine and minor veterinary  treatments as needed.
  • Tack cleaning and maintenance.
  • Minor farm maintenance.
  • The horses do not live in a barn so there is no mucking.




What Is The Cost? Room and board is provided in exchange for work.

How Long Are Volunteers Expected To Stay? Our minimum expected length of stay from volunteers is at least one month.  However, we are willing to take on volunteers for shorter amounts of time (2 week minimum), but priority will be given to those who are able to make a longer time commitment.

What Accommodations Are Available? Single bed in the tree house or a home stay with a local nearby neighbor family.

What Do You Need To Bring

  • Riding pants: jeans, breeches, etc
  • Towel
  • Closed toed shoes to ride in
  • Sneakers or work boots for working, hiking, etc
  • Flip-flops/Sandals for  beaches, etc.
  • Old sneakers, water shoes, Tevas, or Keens for river exploration
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Hat: wide-brimmed or ball cap
  • Long Sleeve, thin cotton or linen shirts (for sun and bug protection)
  • Waterbottle with caribeener to clip on to saddles
  • Flashlight/head lamp
  • Work/Riding gloves
  • Helmet (if you prefer to ride with one, we also buy used helmets)
  • Toiletries
  • Raincoat (especially during rainy season)
  • We provide rubber boots, but you can also buy them inexpensively in Costa Rica

Are There Laundry Services?  There is a washing machine for your use.  Clothes are line-dried.  Soap is provided.

What Food Is Provided? Groceries are purchased for everyone on a weekly basis.  Most meals made are Latin-American based with a staple diet of beans and rice.  Locally grown and purchased from neighboring farms, we provide fresh fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.  Most meals are vegetarian.  You are welcome to cook meat that you purchase.

What Is the Home Environment? Volunteers at Barking Horse Farm have come from all over the world.  We pride ourselves on being an open and warm environment for those who share our passion for horses and natural living.  We live in community, helping and sharing our tasks and talents.  Everyone is an integral part of the team.

How Many Volunteers Are At The Farm?  At any given time, we have take up to 4 Volunteers and 1 Intern but this November we will only be taking 2 volunteers.  Space is limited, so apply in advance.

How Much Riding Will I Get To Do?  In the training season, you can expect to be doing something with the horses almost daily either doing ground work or riding out on the trails.

Can I Go On The Trek? If space is available, Volunteers may go on the trek at a discounted rate.  If you are interested in going on a trek, please make this known in advance so we can try to accommodate you.

How Many Hours Am I Expected To Work?  Since we live community, everyone is expected to take part in daily chores: feeding, haying, grooming, cooking, and cleaning.  Hours vary every day based on what is happening at the farm.  Some days are full of cleaning tack and preparing horses, other days are full of riding and exploring the country-side by horseback.

Can I Take A Day Off?  Days off are available if scheduled ahead of time.  Many people like to take several days off in a row to travel and see Costa Rica.  We highly encourage this because it is such a beautiful country; we just ask that you choose your days when we are not busy on the farm and in advance so we can make arrangements with the work load for others.

Please fill out our volunteer application below if you are interested in volunteering with us.

We look forward to having you apart of our team!